Why you need a Height Supplement

Why You Need a Height Supplement

Most people would like to be a little taller and are searching for a way to gain height.  Growth has two main components behind it that will determine your height.  Genetics, which accounts for about 80% of your height, and diet and nutrition, which accounts for about 20%.  There is not much you can do about your genetics, it is encoded in your bodys DNA to help determine your height.


When you are searching for how to grow taller, the best thing you can do is get proper nutrition.  Diets today are in general, poor.  With energy drinks, soda, fast food and processed foods, it is very difficult to get the proper nutrition that your body needs to grow taller.  Bone growth, and height growth, essentially comes from vitamins and nutrients that you eat.  These vitamins include, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E as well as calcium and zinc.  So when searching for how to grow taller, the best way that you have control over is nutrition.

How to grow taller-Diet.  Some essential foods that you want to eat are meat, such as fish, chicken and limited red meat.  Drinking milk is also essential.  It can provide the body with certain nutrients that it needs to grow taller.  Eating fruits and vegetables is also important.  All of this combined with sleep and some exercise can help.


But many times eating right is not enough.  It is very difficult, even with a good diet, to get the right amounts of nutrients.  Eating the right foods everyday is difficult, with busy schedules, work, school, sports, and everything else most people have to rely on fast food or quick processed foods at least a couple times per week.  These foods are easy and tasty, but often offer very little nutritional benefit.


Proper amounts of nutrition for growing taller will ensure that your body and your bones grow to their full potential.  The average height 100 years ago was 4 inches shorter than it is today.   Since the average height today is about 5’9, only 100 years ago people were on average 5’5.  Why have we gotten so much taller?  NUTRITION.  Diets have improved a lot over the years and it is the number one reason why people are taller.  So what is the best way for you to tap into the secret of nutrition when asking how to grow taller?

The best way is through supplements.  Supplements can give your body all of the nutrition in exact amounts that it needs in order for your body and bones to grow taller.

The best and most complete height supplement is Peak Height.  There are several height supplements available, but Peak Height is the only one that is recommended by US doctor and offers all of the nutrients that you body needs to grow.   Who knows, with height supplements and modern science, soon the average height might be over 6 feet tall.

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